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Puff Act to Follow

Puff Act to Follow


Original artwork

Art Size - 417 x 295mm

Framed Size - 534 x 407mm 

Puff knew the biggest challenge would be that “of the mind. If anyone was to ever follow his lead they would have to believe in themselves first

• Original painting gouache on paper.

• Gouache is a water based paint, chosen for its opaque and matte quality finish.

• Although our reproductions are of the highest quality, nothing compares to the luminosity, vibrancy of colour, and the textural quality you find in an original painting. You get to see those delicious paint marks, yum. You will never regret buying the one and only original artwork. Let everyone else have the copy.

• Some of the original artworks come professionally framed, check product description. Framed artwork are framed in Australian sourced plantation timber, manufactured right here in Australia. Frame as seen in the picture. 

• Please allow 2-3 weeks for the shipping of original artworks

• All orders are shipped via registered post with tracking included.

• Framed artwork cannot be shipped Internationally. Please check in the product description to see if this is a framed work.