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Sustainable and Ethical Production Commitments

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I have had a blast creating this collection of artworks for you. If you have gotten this far they must be resonating with you. Art is something you buy with your heart. If you love it what more is there to say?

However, if you are anything like me and you are a conscious acquirer of material objects (aka research things to death before you press buy), you may have a few boxes to tick before you make that purchase. 


Giving back has always been important to me personally and is core to the ethos of my business.

$1 of every online transaction is donated to charity. In light of the 2020 Australian bushfires. In 2020 half of all donations will be donated to the Australian Red Cross and the other half will be donated to Greening Australia.


I’m committed to sustainable practice.

This is our one and only planet.

The short version is from the first paint stoke, to the printing, packaging, online services, and even who I bank with. I have research and asked the important questions of my supplies and services to ensure to the best of my knowledge they are the best out of the bunch. A group of people, actively working towards a positive future.

We are all far from perfect and I still have some unanswered questions, particularly in regards to the manufacturing of inks.

My promise to you is a commitment to evolve in my art making and reproduction as more sustainable options become available. 


This is a journey.


Want the long version?


My Artistic Practice

Octopus drawing

    • I work in a home studio designed with energy efficiency in mind, we have solar panels, pet chooks, and a small veggie patch … you wanted the long version.
    • I primarily paint with Winsor Newton Gouache. Winsor Newton have a sustainability plan, it is not perfect but they are on the journey. They are members of Sedex and ask their suppliers to be also. Sedex is an ethical trade service, helping companies to improve their sustainable business practices, and source responsibly.
    • I use minimal water. My waste water is kept in a bucket to evaporate. Sludgy mess is left in the bottom of the bucket.
    • Anything I need to purchase to create my artwork I make sure to explore sustainable options. I am committed to creating my artwork from a place that respects and protects the environment.


    The Reproduction Process

    Photograph artwork

    • While I could print cheaply offshore. I have chosen to support local manufacturers for the local market.
    • In Australia I work with Fox Lab Fine Art, who strive to do all they can to minimise waste and plastic, as well as recycling the waste they do have. Ink remanence are collected for alternative use and ink cartridges are recycled. Paper cut offs are composted, while scrapped prints are recycled. The print lab is a home studio, solar panels, and rainwater collection in action.
        • I print on Hahnemühle Bamboo Rag (90% bamboo, 10% cotton). The most environmentally friendly paper in the range and free from optical brighteners. With over 400 years in the paper industry Hahnemühle pride themselves on their commitment to its care of the environment and its employees. Click to learn more Hahnemühle Click to learn more about Hahnemühle bamboo paper.
    • Epson printer and inks are used. Epson is a large company employing tens of thousands of people around the world. Epson have targets for environmental sustainability and are positively moving towards these targets. I am still in the process of learning about its production of inks.


    • Fox Lab Fine Art take care of my packaging.
    • A4 and smaller are packaged between two pieces of card and slipped into a biodegradable cello bag and posted in a card postage flat pack.
    • A3 and larger are packaged with FSC tissue paper and brown paper and posted in a recycled card postage tube. We are currently using a tube with two plastic stoppers but are trialling an alternative plastic free option.
    • When possible a washi tape is used rather that sellotape.