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About the good artist

Good artist

Growing up in a small country town, my brothers and I were blessed to have the great Aussie bush as our backyard. It was this bush that inspired our childhood imaginations and play. We built bush cubbies, made BMX tracks, and collected tadpoles. It was a childhood of fun and adventure where we explored and pushed boundaries, and a love for the natural world flourished.

I have always had an innate desire to create and have done so all my life. After completing a Visual Arts Degree at Curtin University I had the pleasure of spending 15 years in the classroom teaching Visual Art as a Secondary and Primary Teacher; where I encouraged others to pursue their love of Art.

It was after the birth of my two sons that I was led to my next artistic stage, now with a desire to create artwork that would resonate with my children and the child in all of us. Drawing on my own childhood memories of fun and pop culture nostalgia, I have created a collection of anthropomorphic animals, some of which I have a personal connection to, all with a positive outlook on life.

And, so you find me here making Art for my boys and for your children too. Knowing it will inspire them to live big with adventure in their hearts and the freedom to express their own unique being.