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My framing recommendations for your new Good Art art print. 

Frames for Art in Australia Good Art Jaelle Pedroli

The ideal framing option is to have your artworks professionally framed. A quality solid timber frame and the use of glass brings out the best in any artwork.


Large prints, due to their size are more prone to damage. My advice would be to take your print to your framers unopened where they will handle it with the upmost care and have it framed up for you quickly and beautifully. 


If your a Perth local like myself, I'd recommend getting your artworks framed at Mt Lawley Art Framers, 477 Beaufort St, Highgate (08) 9328 7181 or Victoria Park Art Framers, 703 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park (08) 9362 4136

Shane and Andie are so kindly spoken and have both given me the best framing advice. They are masters of their trade and talented artists.

Check out their artwork and the artwork of many other local artists whilst you're in store. 

where to buy ready-made frames Australia Good Art Jaelle Pedroli


If a ready-made frame suits your needs. Here are a few options;


My prints are standard 'A Paper Sizes' which is a good choice for ready-made framing options.


In the past I have framed artworks with the Country Road frame range. 


An A1 poster frame will snuggly fit an A1 print or an A2 print within the provided mount.

An A2 poster frame will snuggly fit an A2 print or an A3 print within the provided mount.

An A3 poster frame will snuggly fit an A3 print or an A4 print within in the provided mount.

Their certificate frame is 8x10" and will not fit an A4 unless you chop 2 inches off the print. This is fine to do with some of my artworks but will not suit the works that have subject matter from edge to edge.


I've also used the Ikea range. 


I like their Hovsta 13x18 cm for a 5x7", 30x40cm for A4 prints and the 40x50cm for the A3 print.

The darker timber of the Hovsta brings the best out of the 'Bakery Run' artwork. 


Ikea mounts within frames are not cut to standard A size. Sometimes I ask my local framer to cut the mount to fit my print. This is the case when I'm framing my blue ringed octopus print where the subject of the artwork fills the space but not the case for Bakery Run where there is plenty of negative space around the quokka that can be hidden behind the mount. 


The 50x70cm Ikea frame will fit an A2 print but you may need to custom cut the mount.


When requesting a custom mount to be cut always ask for the mount's window to be 5-10mm smaller than the actual print size.


Spotlight, Target, K-mart, Temple and Webster and Freedom also have a large range of frames.

Box Jellyfish artwork framing artworks Jaelle Pedroli Good Art


If you do trim your print here are some tips;
- handle you print holding only the white boarder,
- place the print on a firm surface for cutting (cutting mat or cardboard),
- you know the saying, "measure twice, cut once",
- do not drag your ruler or anything else over your print as it can mark and scratch easily.
-  place a piece of clean white paper over the print (you can use the paper from your new frame),
- using a Stanley knife with a new blade and a ruler slice off the exposed white boarder, and
- do a test cut before cutting too close to the print so you can gauge the pressure needed and accurate angle of the blade to get a neat slice.

I hope you've found the information about framing helpful.


If you have any further questions feel free to email me.


Thank you for your support and being apart of my artistic journey.

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