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Jaelle Pedroli painting snake in roller skates in artist studio

I know us Art lovers are a visual bunch. Make sure you hit my link to the time-lapse video below for a visual treat. 


I’m not embarrassed to admit it. I’ve said it before but you may not know that my husband, Trent comes up with my best artwork ideas.


He has a really playful imagination. 


Nearly every night he tells elaborate imagined stories to our eldest boy. The stories are mostly about the adventures of T-Rex who lives on top of a garbage tip where he invents the most magical contraptions from discarded rubbish. T-Rex has loads of pals; The Apple Heads, Green, Red and Yellow. Grumpy Mr Lettuce Head, unfortunate Mr Orange Head, Mrs Garlic Head and the kiwi twins just to name a few. 


He spends a lot of time exercising this part of his brain. 

When I’m in the idea phase Trent will randomly blurt his ideas out at me. It usually takes me a moment to catch onto the fact that he’s firing off an artwork idea. Mostly I respond by saying nup, or scrunching up my face as he explains why it would be a *such* a good idea. While he’s explaining away I’m there visualising an animal that just doesn’t have limbs long enough or legs that would bend in such a way for that pose to be possible. A lot of ideas go straight to *the scrap pile of bad ideas*. He always comes through with the goods though. A magical idea that is so darn good you know the kids are really going to *love it*.

Artist painting snakes wearing Moxi roller skates for Good Art

Most recently that idea was ‘Snakes in Skates’. The moment he said it I was *so* into it. I held back for a bit though. Snakes can be slithery and scary. I wasn’t sure how people would respond to it.


One of my most vivid childhood memories is leaping over a Tiger snake as it slithered across the dirt track right in front of me #countrygirl. We're perfectly safe here with my artistic representation of two harmless Western Australian Carpet pythons.


To go deep into the design of the artwork I spent a lot of time watching videos of the most amazing roller skaters. They had such a carefree retro vibe, that screamed summer and good times. That was the feeling I was hoping to emulate in the artwork. Do you know there’s such a thing as the snake walk? The things you learn via YouTube.

Contrary to popular belief I had so much fun painting all the 1000’s of jewel-like snake scales. Just for you I have recorded the evolution of the snake artwork from start to finish in a short time-lapse video. Click on the link below.

>> Snakes in Skates // time-lapse video <<

Painting of Western Australian Carpet Python snakes wearing Moxi roller skates on artist studio desk

Snakes in Skates original artwork and prints are now available. Print are available in all 6 sizes and both background colours ‘mellow yellow’ and ‘dusty pink’.

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Artwork of a snake by Jaelle Pedroli. Arranged on a shelf in a childrens bedroom.Art Print of a snake by Good Art Australia. Arranged on a shelf with plant and childrens toys.