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Here to inspire you with my characters stories and learn more about me

Get inspiration for your children’s bedroom or home decor with Jaelle Pedroli’s beautiful and eco-friendly artworks for kids.

Snakes in Skates // The stories behind the Art

I know us Art lovers are a visual bunch. Make sure you hit my link to the time-lapse video below for a visual treat.    I’m not embarrassed to admit it. I’ve said it before but you may not know that my husband, Trent comes up with my best artwork ideas.   He has a really playful imagination.    Nearly every night he tells elaborate imagined stories to our eldest boy. The stories are mostly about the adventures of T-Rex who lives on top of a garbage tip where he invents the most magical contraptions from discarded rubbish. T-Rex has loads of pals; The Apple Heads, Green, Red and Yellow. Grumpy Mr Lettuce Head, unfortunate Mr Orange Head, Mrs Garlic...
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Free colouring pages and how they can improve your mental health

When I paint I physically feel my body relax and my mood lighten.
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A quokkin' good story / / The stories behind the Art

Many of us locals have fond memories centred around our holidays on Rottnest Island.
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