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When I paint I physically feel my body relax and my mood lighten.

It’s all due to being truely in the moment. 

My painting process requires me to work out all the hard compositional stuff at the beginning, so when it comes to painting its all about bringing the artwork to life. That's where the fun is at.

Research supports evidence that you can achieve a meditative state through art making. It’s all about being present and mindful about the task you have in front of you. 

When you colour you’re required to focus. Colouring, however, doesn’t come with the stresses that you might feel as you problem solve throughout our day. As a result colouring can make you feel relaxed.

I’ve gone back through some of my artwork designs to create you three colouring pages so you can experience the pleasure I experience when I paint. 

Whether this gift be for you to quieten your mind in preparation for sleep after a busy day, we all know we should be spending less time on our devices. Or, for your children to restore the calm when the household is getting hectic. I truely hope these colouring pages give you joy.

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