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Artwork imagined for the children in our lives. As you nurture your little people into adults you can provide them with unique spaces that reflect them. A place for them to find joy and comfort in amongst Art that tells visual stories that will excite and inspire them.

Artwork reproductions, ‘Prints’ are printed in Australia using the giclée printing process. A giclée print will not disappoint. Known for its ability to replicate the rich and vibrant colours of the original artwork and its superior print quality. Printed on museum grade, fine art bamboo paper, the most environmentally friendly paper in the range free from optical brighteners. Artworks are created and reproduced with a focus on environmental sustainability. 

Why buy an original painting? You might be asking yourself. Even though my reproductions are truely amazing. There are many subtleties in an original artwork that the reproduction process cannot replicate. The textual paintbrush marks. The way you can see through one layer of paint as it rests on the surface of the one underneath. The full colour spectrum. And, finally that hand-made quality. The history that wraps itself around an object as a human-being labours over it to create something from nothing. To own an original artwork is something special.


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